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About our "little" cart

The Paradise Prosecco Cart is a 100% electric 3-wheeled "eTuk" vehicle, which is DOT compliant. It is imported from Europe and converted into a unique, eye-catching bar, very often the life of the party! The cart can serve guests from the right side as well as the back, allowing guests to be served quickly (we all know how cranky thirsty guests can be). Being able to serve from either side means the cart can be positioned to maximize the event layout and guest flow. The bar serves flash-cooled sparkling wine on tap, so you don’t have to pre-chill dozens of bottles. This removes the need for cumbersome refrigeration units and multiple ice buckets. Our bubbly comes from a cask, containing approximately 150 5 oz. glasses. The distinctive design of three taps allows for dispensing of both sparkling and still wine, as well as beer, if requested.


What's a "Tuk Tuk"?

Glad you asked! Our eTuk's DNA stems from the three-wheeled auto rickshaw, called "tuk-tuk" in Thailand, where it is a widely used form of urban transport in Bangkok and other Thai cities. The name is onomatopoeic (yea, we needed to look that up ourselves), mimicking the sound of a small, often two-cycle engine.


Can you say "Versatile"?

The Paradise Prosecco Carts compact size (148” long, 60” wide and 78” high) means the cart can fit into most event spaces, both indoor and outdoor (yup, being electric allows more opportunity of uses) making it perfect for private, corporate, and public special events of all types, such as: weddings, garden parties, and celebrations, as well as festivals, concerts, street fairs, sporting events and conventions. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.


Need servers, no worries... we've got you covered.

Need servers, no worries... we've got you covered.

It's more than a logo; it's our commitment to doing things right, because we're all in this together after all.

A Green Journey 

The Paradise Prosecco Cart is an 100% electric eTuk which eliminates the use of fossil fuels, therefore reducing green-house gases.


Our Wine Kasks

Besides maintaining superior wine quality, wine on tap reduces the carbon footprint. Each cask is equivalent to 26 bottles. This keeps bottles, corks, labels, and packaging from going into the landfill - and that makes us feel good about doing our part.


Our Flutes

We use plastic flutes by design. No glass = no cleaning or breakage during your event. While onsite, we bring our own recyclable bins. Why? Because we are passionate about returning the plastic refuge to an approved, regulated recycling facility that will give our flutes another life. What we bring in...we take out. It's just the right thing to do, and we are passionate about doing what's right.


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